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What an amazing time it is for the Wellington community! It’s been exciting to watch the development of the new wing over the past eight months. While the construction crew works to complete the building later this fall, we are now calling on the entire Wellington community to rally together over the next 30 days as we aim to successfully close out the Believing Campaign by securing 710 contributions – that’s one for every student – to show our Belief in Wellington.

The new space will create dynamic learning spaces where our exceptional educators and innovative approach to education can continue to thrive.

By making a contribution today, your gift will get us one step closer to our 710 donor goal which will unlock a $30,000 bonus gift from Ted and Carol Manley P '21 '24 and Matt and Meara Scantland P '30 '34! Wellington is truly grateful for the ongoing philanthropic generosity of the Manley and Scantland families. 

Every gift counts and will have a tremendous impact on our learning community. Please make your gift today!

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Parents share their "why" for supporting Believing

We value Wellington as an innovative school for our child – one in which educators are empowered to meets the needs and bolster the talents of each student.  An independent school that encourages new approaches to learning requires continued investment to support new generations of learners.  Our family viewed our participation in the Believing campaign as a way to support the future learning of our child and future generations of Wellington students.  We are excited to see what Wellington’s talented faculty will do with the resources contributed to the campaign.

- Dan and Erica Clark P ‘28

Our daughter is graduating this year and our son is a college sophomore. While they will not learn in the wonderful new spaces, we did not hesitate to support the campaign. Wellington has taught them to be leaders, to take risks—to find their passions and forge a path down those roads.   We will always be supporters of a school that does that for its students.  

 - John Marshall and Angela Plummer P ’20 ‘22

The world has changed a lot in the past three years, making us realize how important it is to ensure our kids are both critical thinkers and good humans. We have to think about education differently now — more holistically — and this is why we support Believing.” 

Joanne & Olga Strasser P ’34

1 day ago by Makiva McIntosh
450 Donors!

We just passed 450 donors! 

12 days ago by Kerrie Kirkpatrick
More Faculty and Staff share their "why" for supporting Believing

As a Wellington faculty member, I feel it is important for me to support the Believing Campaign in order to help make sure that our students continue to have the most up-to-date resources available for a 21st century education.  We can continue to change how education looks - one step at a time!
- Chris Robbins P ’17 ’22 Upper School English 

Be a part of a historic Wellington moment and join me in supporting our new, dynamic, future focused wing.  This state-of-the-art addition will mirror and enhance our engaging, student-centered initiatives.  The students and faculty are excited for this moment, and we appreciate your support in elevating the educational experience of students who will shape the future.
- Berc Backhurst Middle School Social Studies 

It was important for me to participate in supporting the Believing Campaign because of all the wonderful work so many talented staffulty do every year to support students. The passion that teachers have for their work excites the students. I love being at a workplace where you can think outside the box along with your students and see what happens in the learning process. These are only a few reasons why I wanted to participate in the supporting of the Believing Campaign.

With the flexible spaces that this new wing will provide, I am so excited to see what creative and innovative ideas come from the students and staffulty. One of our statements has been “One Wellington” all of us together, and this next phase for the Wellington Community only makes this statement stronger. Teachers and staff are already buzzing with excitement about all the collaboration that can happen as we grow. 
- Sharla Starker P ’17 ’22 Upper School Learning Specialist 

12 days ago by Kerrie Kirkpatrick
Faculty and Staff share their "why" for supporting Believing

In my 35 years at Wellington, I have seen many changes. When I first arrived at Wellington, we were building the upper school which is now the Early Childhood wing. I’m so excited to see our new Early Childhood classrooms and gathering spaces. Our team has so many ideas on how we will use our new space and now because of the Believing campaign it is just months away from being reality. I believe we have the best Early Childhood program in Central Ohio and now we will have the facility to showcase our program.

- Kathy Yant, Early Childhood Lead Teacher 

As a member of the Staffulty, I participated in the Believing campaign because I know first-hand how our community values the very best in educational opportunities for every student and how the new facilities will help us flourish.  I know how our teachers dream and teach! 

I have seen Wellington in many different phases as a lifer student, an alumni, a teacher of 21 years, and as a mom.  I am excited for the next phase because I see the best of Wellington tradition and innovation coming together.  I am excited to teach and I am excited for my daughters and their future! 

- Erin Cornett '96, P '32 '34 Upper School History, 11th Grade Dean

When I first toured Wellington, I remember thinking my life would have been so different if I had been educated at Wellington.  I would have thrived learning in this environment where creative ideas become probabilities.  I would have dared to challenge myself to tackle the “impossible” with the support of faculty and the community, instead of only taking on challenges where my success was likely.  My thinking would have had less limits and more possibilities.  Upon graduation, I would have believed that I could go anywhere and be anything. 

  That’s why I am passionate about the Believing Campaign.  The campaign’s goal of classroom and community space designed by teachers to support innovative learning empowers students to dream big, tackle the “impossible” and to think without limits.  The new space will help students find their purpose and potential for tomorrow’s world.  And that makes me smile…

- Lynne Willis Steger P '04 '09 Associate Director of Admissions 

12 days ago by Makiva McIntosh
430 Donors Reached!

Thank you, Wellington community! 

20 days ago by Kerrie Kirkpatrick

22 days ago by Kerrie Kirkpatrick
400 Donors Reached!

We just reached 400 donors - 310 to go! Thank you, Wellington community!

22 days ago by Kerrie Kirkpatrick
Match for 2031 Parents/Guardians

"We’re inspired by the educational opportunity at Wellington and truly excited that our children in the class of 2031 will get to explore, grow, and learn in this amazing new space that will truly reflect the innovation of our programming, and the excellence of faculty and staff. Please join us in supporting the Believing Campaign. "

-Anonymous P'31 donor

22 days ago by Kerrie Kirkpatrick

Help us with our first match! 

23 days ago by Kerrie Kirkpatrick
Wellington's Final Push for the Believing Campaign!

Help us spread the word! Throughout the next 31 days, if we reach 710 donors to the Believing Campaign, then we will unlock a gift of $30,000. Let's Go Jags!

23 days ago by Kerrie Kirkpatrick

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